Artist's Statement 

Through my artwork I'm continuously attempting to represent my daily lived experience of color, light and form. I rarely have a set idea of what I want my compositions to look like before I begin to work. Just vague notions, impressions, dreams or feelings. Frequently memories. Everything starts with extreme simplicity. An impulse. I don't question this impulse, I just follow it. Then a particular gesture applied by hand follows. 


Non-Objective Art is the style construct or artistic territory in which I feel I have the most freedom to communicate what I mean. In the limitations of form and concept Non-Objective Art takes on, I find liberation. At the same time, I don't deny influences of interior or exterior space can play a role in the overall experience of the work. I find inspiration everywhere or perhaps it finds me. Music, nature, the history of art, late 20th century film and culture can all feed the work.